Sunday, August 19, 2007

TCS joins the open source community

This is good news. India's largest software company, TCS, has released its Wide Area Network Emulation product called WANem in open source. The project is hosted on

Hopefully, this symbolises a small but significant cultural shift among Indian software exports companies. Traditionally, they have not encouraged contribution to open source projects because their primary focus is outsourced software development.


Vigorous said...

Technically, they have been contributing a lot to the Maemo and the Indic Language Accessibility stuff However, it would be awesome if TCS starts open sourcing their in house debugging tools and perhaps starts off a process similar to MSDN or Red Hat's KBase

anand said...

Great News!

I was quite worried that MS's machinations would lead BIS to go for OOXML

With this decision, We Indians living abroad can feel proud.