Sunday, January 28, 2007

Creative Commons India launch

Spent yesterday with Joichi Ito, Catharina Maracke and our very own Lawrence Liang doing press interviews for the launch of Creative Commons India. The launch function was pulled off well by Shishir Jha, who is the project lead and the KRESIT auditorium at IIT Bombay was packed for this event. Since I am an ex-journalist, I volunteered to coordinate this for CC India and I really enjoyed the experience. Joichi is the Chairman of CC worldwide and I was surprised to see that he is so young. For his age, he has accomplished a lot. The interviews went off really well and I learnt a lot from listening to Joichi and Lawrence. Both of them were the star speakers at the launch of CC India that was held on 26th January, which is India's Republic Day.

The launch functions and the interviews went off really well and I hope to see the interviews appearing soon.