Monday, March 09, 2009

A request to sign the FOSS Manifesto

The FOSS Manifesto (see previous post) has finally been put up as an online petition. It upon political parties to make FOSS usage and promotion a central part of the IT, e-government and education plans in their election manifestos. I request all FOSS supporters to sign the same at the earliest. Thanks to Vinay and IT For Change for hosting this and to Arun of FSF Kerala for egging me to write this and to all those who provided their feedback!


Anonymous said...

Why make the petition specific to India?

Venky said...

Elections are coming up in April-May 2009 and that's why the FOSS community in India wanted to submit this to the political parties in our country. Please feel free to reuse the text of this manifesto if you are from a country other than India.

Anonymous said...
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