Saturday, September 16, 2006

FOSS in Kerala

I am really impressed with the work that Arun and others in the Free Software Foundation have done in creating a FOSS community in Kerala. One simple case--the previous government wanted to
move to proprietary software but the teachers in Kerala went on strike and brought FOSS back and are now using programs like Gcompris and TuxPaint to teach computers to 8th and 9th standard students. Kerala is also one of the first states to develop curriculum for both proprietary software and FOSS. Way to go, Kerala!


arsha said...

i need details about people who are working on foss in north kerala for some help in making some websites using FOSS.

Anonymous said...

actually arun was taking the credit of others who do the work! teachers are not independent entity in kerala they are always part of the progressive movement. It is tachers and progressive movements initiative to endorse free software. It is rather thee etachers and progressive movement's ideologocal commitment.

how ever people like you should be able to gauge him(Arun and others) properly, rather than believing him and others.

Sanoop Jose